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Basically, an idiot, a person of subnormal intelligence.

Often used on IRC to describe a stupid newbie.

It's said that it's one of the lowest insults right there.

PS: Same as spermed.
<person1> Why don't you talk in the channel ?
<person1> If you are active you increase your chances to get access.
<person2> i knoe
<person2> but i am passive
<person2> :P
<person2> can i get access
<person2> i know
<person2> :]
<person2> you said me
<person2> :)))))
<person1> WTF, are you sermed?


<person1> sgre
<person1> sfd
<person1> erze
<person1> dsdsd
<person2> Oh god I'm tired of these sermed people.
by #Tracer September 15, 2009