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3 definitions by Olgie

being very serious; dead serious.
John: "I scored with Kelly last night, it was TIGHT! man!"
Jeff: "You serial?"
John: "Hell yeah!"
Jeff: "With trix?" (aka: you're bullshitting)
John: 'No, I'm for real!"
Jeff: "Dam, mofo! Hell yeah!"
by Olgie March 30, 2010
8 4
a person "with trix": dishonest, joking, messing, bullshitting, kidding.
Guy: "I'm sereal!"
Dude: "With trix?"
Guy: "I'm not kidding!"


"She's with trix, dude! Be careful with her."
by Olgie March 30, 2010
0 0
Juggling boyfriends. Emotionally involved with more than one guy at a time where neither of the guys know about any other people the girl's with.
"Dude, I'm telling you! The girl you're trying to get with is hustling, I saw her making out with some guy at the theater, then she was with another dude at the park. I'm sereal"
by Olgie March 30, 2010
19 108