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The trumpet sound anouncing some thing!
That man gossiped worse than a women in a salon. I knew he would one day have to just blow that sennet from his high horse seat he pets every day.

Mr. pete with his piper was always blowing smoke up her assets to get his way. Who knew that he would tact it out to her Va-J.

A sennet is so close to Senate seat sound, don't you think? They always have to be blowin' up some thing into the backdraft to fuel the flames they B' craven' with thier willy's in thier hand and no good judgementals in their brains! Politicing is all the same. Making a name and defining it into the next war game, with thier dennis (walking stick), at arms when the fuel ignites the world on lookers.
by pair-a-kleetAssisting June 13, 2010

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