A day chosen by a high school senior class for the entire class to skip school. Typically falling on the Monday after prom, it tends to infuriate teachers and school administrators alike. The day has become less popular in recent years as the bureaucracy of public schools in the United States is becoming increasingly communist. For those who participate, the day continues to symbolize rebellion against overcomformity and the American desire for individuality.
Jackie won't participate in senior skip day. She enjoys being a slave to society too much.
by BigTreeInTheForest May 02, 2011
A day chosen by a senior class to skip school. This most frequently happens at the beginning/end of a school week or the day before or after a school day in which there are no classes (a state holiday for example).

Jill: Hey Jack, we have a State holiday Monday and we (seniors) have no school Wednesday because the underclassmen and Juniors are taking some standardized tests.

Jack: Well, Jill, I guess its only right to have a Senior skip day on Tuesady.
by Gator2013 March 29, 2009
A secretly scheduled day when all high school seniors skip school and do something else. It is usually around the end of the school year, and it is usually on a day where nothing is really happening, or around a holiday.
Senior #1: Hey, when is Senior Skip Day?

Senior #2: Johnnie told me it was Friday, May 15th. What should we do that day?

Senior #1: I don't know. Maybe we could see if we can drive out of town for the four-day weekend
by IzzyBella^^ March 29, 2009
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