Send It! meaning To want to recieve something. If someone has something you want, anything from Money, homework, a small ball, some ones Cum or even the clothes there wearing.

The Phrase "send it" is often Followed by a hand indication that the person wants t catch the object or thing, by putting ones hand into the air infront of them. These means "send It" Can only be said If you are implying the thing must be Thrown or tossed. If not then you will indeed look like a retard when you put your hand in the air and the thing is handed to you, much like being Left Hanging.
Liam Hahahaha Look at this porno, that old woman has the Body of a Four year old!
Jo Omg What! lol. "Send It!"
by Candle Frost July 10, 2009
Top Definition
It means just do it, to say yes to something, don't think about it, have confidence and just Send It!
Jon: Wanna go out tonight?

Cole: Send it!

Nicky: Okay, down your beer!

Cole: Send It!
by est. 1991 October 24, 2011
to get drunk and party.
to give it your all, mostly through alcohol.
person a:<i>let's shotgun beers</i>
person b:<i>send it!</i>
by totallyradd February 25, 2008
any action or activity you can do wholeheartedly with confidence and a absolute passion
one last rep at the gym - come on send it

your friend pooring you a drink - send it !
dancing with style - sending it

first personel -hey bro you coming out tonight

second personel- yeah brother where going to send it hard !

gazz diaz the sendster
by gazz diaz June 13, 2013
Rock climbing: Used to encourage a fellow climber to finish a route or problem. Similar to and interchangeable with "allez!" (French), or "dale" (Spanish)
Come on, man, send it!
by Ash April 26, 2005
1. A response to "Can I ask you a question", or when someone says "Let me tell you...", Listen up!", etc.
2. Response to "Round(s) on the way". A military term used on a firing range, usually at the screen line, usually involving large bore weapons.
1. Soldier: Hey can I ask you...
Me: Send it.

2. Me: Tower, this is Cobra 33, round on the way.
Tower: Send it
by Sean W. February 15, 2006
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