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The art of ruining people's selfies by appear behind them right when they tap on the capture button.
Conor: Jessica is in all of your selfies.
John: That selfiebombing bitch!
by theiconsborn April 14, 2014
When a drunk person in a bar asks you to take a photo of them, using there phone, and you instead take a selfie. You must take the selfie, and then a photo of the person or group, because they will look when you return their phone. That way, they will see the photo they want, and move on. Then, however long it teas them to realize it, one day they will say: "who the fuck is that?....."
"That guy wanted me to take his pic with those two girls, but I selfie-bombed him instead. I've become a selfie-bombing connoisseur."
by CodyParanoid June 08, 2014

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