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Someone who is extremely obsessed and addicted to taking selfies. They're usually found taking selfies like every 5 minutes (or less) either with themselves or with their friends, brothers, and sisters. They also have a very decorated background so they can take the most awesome-looking selfies possible. The selfie-addict can post all their selfies on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or other social media in an attempt for their selfies to get a whole bunch of likes and comments even though they're just doing it to say "look at me!" every single time. These guys are annoying and if you spot one in public, you probably won't go pass them without them saying "Hey, wanna take a fantastic selfie with me? It'll look awesome on Snapchat!!".
Jason posted brand new selfies every single minute on his Instagram, I had to un-follow him because of that! He's such a real selfie-addict!

A guy at my school named Tyler came up to me and said "Hey dude, let's take a selfie together? Shall we?! I've already taken selfies with about 20 other guys, and you're next!!" <-- another selfie-addicted guy
by Steve820 April 29, 2014
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