Intentionally hurting yourself for relief, comfort and/or pleasure. Such forms of SI include:

Cutting(mostly arms & legs)
Hair pulling
Lip biting
Nail bitting
Needle Stabbing
Ice & Salt
Sally cuts herself therefore she is a self-injurer...
by Cassie February 26, 2004
one person said that ear piercing is not a form of self-injury... typically it isn't, but it Can be used as another form of SI. i myself attempted to quit or atleast cut down on self-injury, specifically cutting, and it resulted in my piercing my own ears and using other forms of self-injury. thats what can happen if u try to stop by yourself and see little reason to.

but the variety of self harming actions is large, and anything that can harm ones self can be a form of SI.
Where'd all those piercings come from? I didn't see them yesterday, but you didn't go out last night... did you pierce them yourself??! Augh.. i cant imagine ever doing something like that, that would hurt...
by dalidja July 11, 2006
when the anguish and self lothing builds up so much that the only way to release it is to do your own thing
when the only thing you become afraid of and arent imune to is youself, taking control of your life,
something no one can take away from you
when hiding your work is like a game, mustn't let anyone know
they never cared, why should they now
i dont owe anyone an apology but myself. the adrenilin takes all the shit they say and do away,when the only other alternative is drugs
by kimmy booth March 10, 2005
My deffinition, is taking blades and pushing down, then dragging them across my forearms or thighs as hard as i can. This may sound pretty psyco to you, and does to me when i read it back, but the truth is im just a normal 15 yr old girl going thru some shit atm! It helps for many reasons which i wont go into but one thing i do wanna say is that if u do self-harm then take my advice, talk to someone. Becuase of a certain situation my habbit and thereofre addiction was brought to my parents attention and therefore i have sorted it out. Ive been clean for more then 2 weeks. It really hard, i have massive urges n loads of high and lows but i am stopping. Im gonna start counsiling which is quite scary but im gonna get thru it! So please if u do self harm then try to give up becuase the reality is that it is really really dangerous and u cud end up rlly hurting urself. Finally if u dnt self harm, dnt think that people who do r psyco cos we arnt, we r just dealing with shit in the only way we know how! xxx
Self-injury is cutting urself with a sharp mettal object, and feeling calm and reassured when the blood trickles down. *when u feel dead inside, u bleed to know ur alive*
by *The girl u neva expected* September 06, 2005
The act of hurting oneself for various reasons. Out of all the forms of self-injury, the best known forms are cutting and punching the wall. Cutting is usually considered as something done by angsty, sad teenagers that may or may not be considered emo, while punching the wall is usually done by irate, hot-tempered men who need to discharge their wrath against something.

The former is usually frowned upon for the already mentioned reasons, while the latter is usually considered as the manliest way to vent off the anger.
Example 1: Look at all these scars, you dipshit! YOU'RE AN EMO! KILL YOURSELF!

Example 2: You broke your hand because you got pissed off and punched the wall? AWESOME! Now that's manly self-injury!
by Acoyani Garrido Sandoval June 09, 2007
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