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To shit oneself. From the word "defecate," meaning, "have a bowel movement." And the word, self, meaning "One's identity."
"Yo, did you see that guy? He was totally self-defecating!"
by MoreAwesomeThanThisGuy! March 05, 2010
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A term that stupid people use accidentally when they really mean "self-deprecating" and clever people use on purpose to make poop jokes that stupid people wont get.
The big-time CEO used self-defecating humor to try and relax the crowd. He wanted them to see that he was just a regular guy. Unfortunately, he succeeded only in relaxing his own bowels. No amount of good press will clear that stink.
by Rickter Scale April 18, 2010
To intentionally or unintentionally shit one's pants.
Man: What's that horrid stink? Have you shit yourself again?

Man 2: I've been self-defecating.
by lightheaded2687 March 05, 2010
Similar to self-deprecating, only unintentional and so bad you might as well poop all over yourself.
Did you hear Joe Biden's latest comment on obama's big stick? He has a totally self-defecating sense of humor.
by troy nc April 27, 2012
To unintentionally demean one's self. To unthinkingly place one's self in an unflattering light.
People who minimize their genius are self-deprecating. People who eulogize their ignorance are self-defecating.
by Chicagodmt June 11, 2009

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