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One of the sexiest cs player ever live selec is almighty.... but stuck in a cal-o clan that isnt going anywhere, but that doesnt matter selec feel like trainnig them cal-o scrubs into super cs player... but there isnt any hope for MKX aka MASTER KLUTCHER X <--wat ever that means anyways selec aka </3 pwned mkx on a 1 v 1 duel MKX claim he was sleepy but in reality he suXOrs!! SELEC IS RAWRRRR LIKE A MOTHER FUCK
Oh shit selec is fucking BS Domed my fucking ass like ten times - quoted by other playes also by mkx
by selec^ May 05, 2005
Straight up fucktard, got no reflex. Has the blood of MkX but still suck ass dont know why.
Selec got p00ned by MkX
by aar0n January 02, 2005
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