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A rough transliteration of the Indian curse, in Hindi spelled सेकिरा and in Urdu spelled سیکرا meaning fat-ass. Often used by American teens with Indian parents.

Not used as an adjective but instead, he is such a "sekira."

This is really more for the Indian American community.

Some "white" indians think it means Sacremento but even their parents would know better than that
(urdu reads right to left)

ارے ، وہ موٹی گدھے آدمی کو دیکھو

جی ہاں ، وہ ایسے سیکرا ہے

Hey, look at that fat ass

Haha the sekira
by Random urban kid May 22, 2010
haxxor supreme
ogc_aim 1 ogc_bunny 1
by Rival September 07, 2003

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