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A situation that is so ridiculous that it seems like it would appear on an episode of seinfeld.
I had a total seinfeld moment when Jeff got mad that I double-dipped a chip.
by strongbad69 November 20, 2009
A situation involving a meaningless discussion between two or more people that leads nowhere or to nothing.
Bobby: What are you doing on the weekend?
Jamie: I got married 10 years ago.
Bobby: What's that got to do with what I asked?
3rd person: Here comes a Seinfeld moment.
by Reddot1975 May 01, 2009
Any conversation that has nothing to do with anything and can easily be written into an episode of Seinfeld.
Guy 1: "So what if T-Pain dropped a Christmas Album?"
Guy 2: "You would so buy that"
Guy 3: " i'd download it"
Guy 1: "ok so when we all fail at life we're all going to start a business together"
Guy 3: "What would we do?"
Guy 1: "I don't know"
Guy 2: "what would we be called"
Guy 1: "probably something to do with fruit, or animals."
Everyone: Wow, Seinfeld moment
by zachus22 August 28, 2008

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