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when plans are going down for something really stupid and you have been tricked/convinced into being a part of it, instead of just saying no though, you just say "fuck you" in advance. can also be used when you know an individual (mostly the stooge of the group) is going to mess something up.
getting ready to deliver flyers to the neighbourhood:
Guy 1: "okay so we got to 300 houses in like 4 hours..."
Guy 2: "we are so screwed"
Guy 3 "this is going to go terribly wrong"
Guy 1 to Stooge of Group: "fuck you in advance"
by zachus22 August 28, 2008
When two or more people touch each other inappropriately, most of the time it's by accident. from here the graze can take two paths 1) all parties involved know that a graze has taken place but choose not to say anything because it may lead to awkwardness. 2) one or more of the parties involved informs everyone present, involved or not, that the graze has taken place...awkwardness follows.
Guy 1 brushes his hand (accidentally we assume) against guy 2's ass
Guy 2: "dude, WTF?"
Guy 1: "Accident?"
*a graze has just occured
by zachus22 August 28, 2008
when you don't want to go to class but you are supposed to hand in an assignment. instead of going to class and trying to sneak out afterwards you simply open the door and "toss" your assignment in, hoping someone will hand it in for you. Most people wonder why you wouldn't just ask your friend in the class to hand it in but anyone who is willing to perform the toss revels in the toss glory. This also works when you don't know anyone in your class.
Guy 1: "gay, i don't want to go to math, but i have to hand in my 30 questions"
Guy 2: "just pull the toss"
Guy 1: "true, then we'll go to pizza hut"
by zachus22 August 28, 2008
Any conversation that has nothing to do with anything and can easily be written into an episode of Seinfeld.
Guy 1: "So what if T-Pain dropped a Christmas Album?"
Guy 2: "You would so buy that"
Guy 3: "Yeah...no i'd download it"
Guy 1: "ok so when we all fail at life we're all going to start a business together"
Guy 3: "What would we do?"
Guy 1: "I don't know"
Guy 2: "what would we be called"
Guy 1: "probably something to do with fruit, or animals."
Everyone: Wow, Seinfeld moment
by zachus22 August 28, 2008
In a group of friends (mainly guys), any event deemed "uncool" by the group is considered a homofest.
Guy 1: "movies friday?"
Guy 2: "can't i have to go to the mall to watch the christmas tree lighting with my girlfriend"
Guy 3: "oh ok, so your gay now"
Guy 1: "have fun at homofest then"
by zachus22 August 28, 2008
-Acronym standing for "Demonstration of Goods"
-In the event that a woman (or man) who is wearing revealing clothes distracts the viewer, she (or he) is said to be performing a DOG / DOG'ing it
Guy 1: Holy crap, that girl over there is going to fall out of her shirt
Guy 2: That bitch is DOG'ing it like no other.
by zachus22 August 28, 2008

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