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The most beautiful, incredible, stunning girl in the world. She is hot, sexy and very talented, who every guy desires.
I really want to be a Seema.
by Sandrella May 04, 2005
the most important person on the planet.
I love you Seema
by maddou September 05, 2008
That means "seem to" or "seems to".
It can mean also "seem that" or "seems that".
You seema be very busy.

She seema look at you.

It seema u want her.
by Mysterious Ray June 28, 2009
a girl who is obsessed with shopping and the kardashians. she's asian but not really. she likes to ichat and idolizes steve jobs with a burning passion. seema's are very rare and annoying. they like to watch pretty little liars and other cheesy shows like that. and that is the definition of SEEMA!
Person 1: Who's that girl that calls herself asian?

Person 2: Oh, that's Seema. She's pretty weird.
Person 1: Ew, let's go so we don't catch her weird germs!!
by lawleypop August 08, 2012
1) Seema is a nice girl. Her real name is Shemehah but dont call her that ;o
Seema is teh ownage.
by Lowgun October 15, 2004

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