to impregnate a or planning the seed on your gf or some random hoe. It could be done illegitimately or legitimately.
Alfred:Yo bra guess what?I just seeded my girlfriend Candy!She has no choice but to marry me now!
Adrian:That's just awesome bra. But, I did something much more awesome than you. I seeded the black girl Monique, ima have a black kid to play for the NBA biatch!!
Alfred:Dude, that's just gross.
by Seeda24 August 28, 2012
A seedy person. One whom is the seediest.
a: oh my god.. I drank so much last night, did I look okay?

b: nah man, you're the biggest seed in all the photos!
by alltorndown October 27, 2011
Someone who exhibits 'seedy' behavior, or presents themselves in a sordid demeanor.
"Ugh did you hear about James Franco?"
"Yeah, he's such a seed."

"The black outfit in Spider-Man 3 turned Peter Parker into a massive seed."
by A tribe of mortals May 18, 2014
Common slang for sunflower seeds.
Pass the seeds, bitches.
by Kris December 03, 2004
A "Deez Nuts" joke, especially effective when someone is complaining about seeds in their weed.
Patient: WTF there was a seed in that last bag.

Caregiver: A seed? ::grabs crotch:: Well, seed deez nuts.
by bigjimi June 14, 2014
Someone who is a legend and an all around awesome person.
That kid Robert is a seed! He's captain of the basketball team and gets all the girls. I wish I was him!
by kseed March 26, 2011
A seedy old man. Typically with greasy hair and a thin mustache, a seed is a sketchy man that likes to creep on people.
The seed on the bus stared at me all the way home, I was terrified.
by buttons01912 August 29, 2011

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