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British term for marijuana. See also weed, pot, ganja, mary jane, etc...
"I haven't had any seed since I got this stupid country."
by FeldBum January 13, 2005
a stupid fool
neh! man ur such a fucking seed! go to hell!
by Alias Jay September 08, 2003
mess, litter, dirt, grime, half empty beer bottles, old pizza boxes, dirty socks. Anything that would make a place seem seedy
Fuck, this place is full of seed.
Looks like General Seed has been to visit
by Mat-bat February 20, 2005
someone that did something wrong or bad; a bitch
You went behind my back again!You seed!
by tAyLoR jOhNsToN November 12, 2004
A combination of an obese pile of shit, an enraged gamer, and a friendless loser.

A Loser of losers.
Quit acting like such a seed kyle!

Look at those fat seeds playing with their gameboys.
by Koders March 06, 2006
Derogatory term used to insult those who would use terms like 'Fag' or 'Queer' as insults.

This word references said insultant's heterosexuality in a negitive light, as opposed to a homosexual who could not produce offspring.
"God damned seeds, always having sex..."

"Why don't you go kiss a girl? Seed!"
by Garrett October 25, 2004
A large phallus that is sought after by many women. It is slighltly larger than that of a thoroughbred horse.
"Look at Champ, he has a seed."
by C'Sandy March 07, 2007