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The baddest place on earth, run by the most notorious gangs.

Origin of the sawn off sedgeley
Jeeze man, i went to sedgeley the other day and got capped in 30 secs
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
3 2
Origin of the sedge45 handgun
Known to be one of the most violent towns in the country
A place to come straight out of
"Man, dont go to sedge those nizzles will smoke your hide"
by supaaastar March 18, 2003
1 1
Home of the most feared and notorious gang members
The notorious T.O.M and White Boy run Sedgely
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
1 1
1.the origin of the sedge-45 and sawn off sedgeley

2.also home to several of the worst gangs in the north-west
1. "man i pulled out my sedge-45 and those punks ran"
by lostontheweb March 16, 2003
1 1
the baddest place on earth
jeez brother did you go to sedgeley? i got capped in 30 secs
by tha shiznit March 16, 2003
1 1
damn what can i say
comin straight outta sedgeley
by big pimpin March 16, 2003
2 3