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Gorgeous, outgoing, funny, reliable, honest, loving, sweet
"wow that is such a typical seda"
#seyda #sida #saida #siyda #sayda
by i5943 February 04, 2010
The most amazing, hilarious, beautiful, stylish, great hair, jaw dropping-gorgeous, don't mess with this bitch, real, hottest girl you will ever smeet, sweet, intelligent, best eyes, heart-warming, succeful, perfect, outstanding person you'll ever meet.
Damn, I wish I had some Seda!

I aint take your b.s. Imma Seda!
#hot #funny #cool #top #gorgeous
by ChunkOfTheMoon October 20, 2010
dirty kinky little boy
by someone November 01, 2003
A man who ages way before his time. A man whose hair line resembles a cul-de-sac.
Seth, I thought you were only 23. You're turning into a seda.
by Joey Bennett July 24, 2005
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