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Breakfast consumed after the first breakfast which is eaten very early in the morning, or early in the day in the process of a long journey. The first breakfast is usually light in nature and consists of small portions.
When I woke up early in the morning at 7am to watch cartoons my mother hadn't made breakfast yet so I just had a little bit of cereal. When she woke up at 9:30am she made me bacon and eggs, which was my second breakfast.

When I went camping with my friends they got drunk the night before so early in the morning I just had a small breakfast before they awoke so that we could all eat breakfast together later. My first breakfast consisted solely of biscuits. While for second breakfast I ate bacon and eggs. The breakfast I ate with them was second breakfast.
by rsssss December 23, 2007
13 4
invented by hobbits, second breakfast is breakfast all over again
We'll just have time for second breakfast before it's time to start cooking lunch.
by Sienna March 17, 2003
58 9
To perform oral sex in the morning, before lunch but after breakfast
Man, when I spent the night at his house, he made me an omlette, and then later he had second breakfast if ya know what I mean
by bundleofsticks July 17, 2014
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It happens after a very heavy night of drinking when your stomach can't handle your first breakfast and decides you should taste it all over again.
guy #1: Ya, I had a great night out until I decided bacon and eggs were the way to go.
guy #2 with excitement: Uhg! I did that once and I had a second breakfast 3 minutes later. I got it all over me.
guy #1 sheepishly: Me too. It smelled like olives and beer.
by Seismo August 03, 2007
6 13