An amazingly handsome man with a heart of gold. A person who may not see himself through the eyes of others, but to many, and to one, he's perfect. This man would sacrifice a great deal to help the people he loves, and will always be there in a heartbeat if they needed him. Someone who is the most beloved person anyone could come across. He's dearly loved although he may not know or feel this. As soon as one meets him, they would immediately realise he's very special, and is a person who will eternally be there to carry them through the good and hard times. A person who is an angelic being with the most gorgeous features, with stunning eyes to capture his strong and kind heart; perfectly sculptured physique; and someone who's charming, caring, big hearted, sweet, considerate, understanding, supportive, loving and the list just goes on. His smile brightens everyone's day, especially mine. Anyone who knows this gentleman is a lucky, lucky person and they should never take advantage of his kind and caring personality. He's someone who is so wonderful in every way and it's impossible to find another man like him.

Beyond this world... he's divine.
There may be many men in this world but there is no other man like Sebastian. I love him with all my heart...
by si*mi*amor May 16, 2010
A caring guy who's pretty passive and doesn't always know how to express his emotons hence he comes off as being cold, selfish and uncaring. A loner. He's got a strange charm that draws people to him although he probably isn't the nicest person you'll ever meet. Depending on your personality, you'll like him even more for keeping you on your toes.

If you're interested in him you must have tons of patience and be willing to "put up" with him because he is a self professed stoic and mediocre boyfriend who leads a busy life but at times would rather spend time alone than be out in the world dealing with other people.

He's honest, focused, self reliant, romantic, sarcastic as hell and has a hard time trusting people

Loves: his cat and riding bikes
Hates: being tickled
-Whatever you do, don't tickle Sebastian.
-Because he will punch you in the face
by por-kay? May 12, 2010
A very caring guy, could have a temper once in a while and be rude, but overall is a great guy to be around. someone one person cannot live without because without this person their life would be nothing.
by nastyajessie July 06, 2009
sebastian The most coolest and raddest fucking dude alive. hates ugly fat sluts regardless of race or color.
"Where can I find sebastian?" "In the Guiness Book of World fucking Records; under the raddest fucking dude alive."
by yeaaaah! April 05, 2009
Pineapple juice and

Best drink ever
"The best alcoholic drink ever! Named after the creator, this drink will go down so smooth you wont even know your drunk!"
A mixture of Hypnotic, ice, pineapple juice and sprite.

"Sebastian's are the best drink ever!!!"
by Danielle Vallier July 26, 2008
A demon butler to Ciel Phantomhive. Is creepy, amusing, sexy and downright one hell of a butler. From the show Black Butler.
Ciel: Where is my tea, Sebastian?
Sebastian: Right here my lord. I also have your lesson plans and have killed the dred demon, as you had asked.
Ciel: Oh, have you?
Sebastian: Yes. For you see, a Phantomhive butler who can't do this much isn't worth his salt.
by SebastianFaithfulServant October 09, 2010
Hard core gamer, thinks he's a player, yet is a one-girl kind of guy. This guy is bad ass, and will fuck you up if you mess with him.
Guy 1: Hey, I'm going to kick that guy's ass.
Guy 2: Who? The cool kid with the Fedora?
Guy 1: Yeah.
Guy 2: Better not, that's Sebastian. You'll end up in the hospital on life support.

Another Guy 1:Where can I find Sebastian?
A different Guy 2: Tea-bagging you on XBLA.
by ReapersFortune March 31, 2010
The coolest, talented, helpful, hilarious, strong, romantic, cute, sexy, patient, loving, caring, playful, goofy, hot, boy/man you will ever meet. Some people are lucky to be liked by him. he will do what ever it takes to make a friendship or relationship work. But he's more of the patient guy than a rushing guy. He likes to take it slow and not be rushed. He is easy to express your feelings to him; he loves to express his feelings too.
is that guy your boyfriend? he is such a sebastian!
by someone?? September 11, 2011
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