Sebastian's are generally funny people. They tend to laugh and joke but will be serious when you need them to be. They have big hearts. Sebastian's are the most amazing people you will ever meet! Knowing a sebastian will change your life!
by -1234567- December 05, 2013
Sebastian kicks Chuck Norris' ass blindfolded with both hands and feet tied behind his back
Sebastian doesn't blink, the world turns dark

Sebastian gave birth to Adam and Eve

Sebastian gave birth to Chuck Norris. Yes he is his father.

Sebastian only masturbates to pictures of Sebastian

Sebastian does not drink, he chugs

Sebastian does not walk, he charges

Sebastian's breath controls global warming
by Seb12345 July 23, 2009
THE most amazing guy you will ever meet, tall with brown hair and brown eyes. The most amazing boyfriend I could ever have. I love him with all my heart. He is funny, sweet, has amazing hair, crazy attractive, great gamer, and makes you feel so comfortable. Compliments you often and puts thought into what he says and does. Over all, he is the best person you could meet. I love you Sebby! <3
Friend: hey who's he?
Me: just Sebastian

Friend: oh he must be amazing
by Fluttershy<3 February 17, 2013
He is the most loving caring man you will ever meet. He likes to party but would rather spend time with his girlfriend. He is one person you would not want to make mad. If you are his friend he will always be there for you. He has the eyes of an angle and a goddess of kissing he is the perfect lover and a really good friend.
you are a goddess Sebastian!
you are the most caring loving boyfriend in the whole world!!
Sebastian you have the eyes of an angle!
I would love to party with you Sebastian!
by emmyre November 04, 2012
Sebastian basically means the most amazing person ever. he'll be there for you in a heartbeat but expects you to do the same for him. he's the kind of guy that puts others before himself, even when he has problems of is own. generally a good looking guy. not a god like everyone else says but he's close
My boyfriend is such a Sebastian. He bought me flowers last night!
by emojis...zzz February 18, 2015
Super nice......And Sexy
Really handsome and clever with eyes that you could look into all day
Kickass bad Ninga
Sebastian just climbed a tree to rescue a soccer ball and make it look sexy
Sebastian is the King at Halo
by A Girl Who Loves Him Very Much November 12, 2013
1. A tall, dark, and handsome kind of guy with big dreams and an even bigger heart. Overflowing with charisma and personality, tending to attract every female in a one mile radius. Friendly to all, but only opens up to those he's really close with. A good judge of character by most people's standards.
2. Usually an exotic breed, of a foreign background. Most often fluent in more than one language.
3. Having statuesque features, like that of a Roman God; devastatingly good-looking.
1. Wow, do you see that devilishly handsome guy over there? He must be a Sebastian!
2. From this angle, he has all the features of a Sebastian.
3. His words are like poetry, and he sounds like he could be a Sebastian.
by yourartgotmehere February 03, 2010
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