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When you bring a borderline chick home from the bar/boardwalk and all your bros watch you bang her in your filthy motel room.
Bro were you blacked out when dom was hosting the seaside circus last night
by SupDuden2mu July 11, 2011
Bringing a borderline chick back to your filthy motelroom in Seaside Heights, then proceeding to bang her in front of your friends that are watching in the room. First mentioned in Dom vs Memorial Day Weekend.
Yo go into my hotel room and hide in the closet, we're gonna seaside circus this bitch!
by THEBeastMode88 May 29, 2011
When you bring a borderline chick to your filthy motel room and banging her in front of your bros
"Dude, you should of been their we did the seaside circus last night, total win." Dom Mazzetti
by Dom Squad May 27, 2011
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