The only actor so far to show there is life after 007. One of the truly great sons of Scotland.
The name's Connery. Sean Connery. I was the first Bond. Whenever anyone wants to do a Bond voice, they impersonate me. Since then I've voiced Draco in Dragonheart and played Marko Ramius in Red October. I was in The Untouchables, Zardoz, Outland, and indeed countlessblockbusters, many of them quite good. I've also been an influential voice in the Scottish secession movement. Beat that, Roger!
by Fearman August 03, 2007
1). The original actor for James Bond
2). Responsible for saying "You're the man now dog!" and the basis for joke websites called ytmnds.
3). Is obssesed with Anal Bum Cover, Whore Seamen, and The Rapists. Loves Alex Trebek's Mom.
Mr. Sean Connery will you please shut up and get on with the game.
Once an ordinary man, Sean Connery has attained god-like power from his facial hair. He also makes great action movies.
Oh my god! It's Sean Connery! *worships*
by Jebus September 09, 2003
1. cool
2. cool
3. sexy
4. cool
5. james bond
6. fill in blank
"your mother'sh a whoore"
by F yee April 08, 2003
1). The only man in the world who can play and speak Mexican, Russian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Italian, African, French Canadian, Indian, or Irish person and still maintain a Scottish accent.
2). Man who pronounces s's with an sh
1). Go watch The Hunt for Red October. It has Sean Connery in it
2). "Give me that shpoon there son. Sean Connery needs it for shoup
by December 06, 2007
Sean Connery is a Knight of Scotland and an Accomplished Actor. The following are facts about Connery:

At age 14 Sean Connery became the first freshman ever to be elected prime minister of the entire student body at his high school.

Recent DNA testing show possibilities that Sean Connery is a descendant of William Wallace, Napoleon, Joan of Ark, and arguably king Tut. It is likely that he also is related to John Lennon and recently deceased NFL star safety Sean Taylor.

Sean Connery is said to have accepted the role of James Bond because the character of Bond is so closely related to Sean himself. (Although he denies it, many say he was highly involved in MI6 in his earlier years.)

One of the most prevalent rumors involving Sir Connery's Knighthood is that the Queen Knighted him largely due to his stunning linguistic and negotiation skills during the Cuban Missile Crisis. As an experienced MI6 operative at that time, he persuaded the Soviet Union and the United States to ease off on the ongoing hostilities, preventing a possible third World War. After this accomplishment he decided to end is MI6 career and go full-fledged into the film industry.

On a lighter note, Sean Connery never has pizza delivered to him. He just eats Digiorno. Its not delivery, its Digiorno.
Paul: JFK certainly held his ground against the Soviets.

John: No he didn't, that was Sean Connery you fool!
by Van Wampler February 24, 2008
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