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Verb. To betray someone, as Sean Bean does in all of his movies, like "Caravaggio," "Goldeneye," "Lord of the Rings," "Equilibrium," "Troy," "National Treasure," "The Island," etc.
That guy was my friend, but then he Sean Beaned me when he said "I'm afraid I can't let you do that," and now we're enemies.
by Awesome Matt August 31, 2005
Sean Bean, a recognizable British Actor.

Very sexy, in fact if sexy hadn't already been used as a word, it would have been created merely for him. He makes all that see him drool, and if they don't then they are suffereing with some kind of yet to be diagnosed illness.

sex god

Extremely rare, but if found should be lured after you by tempting him with a bottle of vodka.

Not overly well trained but does have some very large attributes to while away those lonely moments when one wants to feel loved and lustful.
The most sexiest human to have ever walked the planet.
by belle February 10, 2005
Hottest man alive. Voted Best Bum in Britain, and totally deserves it. Fine actor as well.
Sean Bean could fuck me any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.
by Mo January 04, 2004
Sexy man who has had a disproportionate number of dramatic death scenes in major movies. Hot. Gorgeous. SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING.
He's a Boro-Bean!
by kerplunkymunky March 11, 2004
A Very Rugged Man. Has been featured in such films as Flightplan, National Treasure, Lord of the Rings, and The Hitcher.
Guy #1: Who would you go gay for?
Guy #2: Sean Bean.
Guy #1: Why?
Guy #2: Because he's a very rugged man.
by Beanman January 30, 2007
Sean Bean an actor that though has been the hero in many ... actually in ... well he is hot.

Ok so he is the evil villian type.
Sean Bean the coolest bloke around.
by deliverusfrominsanity February 10, 2005
Human Bean

Sean Bean, very sexy, very blonde, Boromir shaped and Sharpe shaped. Not sure if the Sean Bean is actually very tastey as it is hard to find.
Oh my god! Sean Bean the sexiest of all Bean's youre a Sex God!
by cordie February 10, 2005
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