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gorgeous, amazingly talented Aussie actor who is currently starring in the Boy from Oz on broadway (in which he is AWESOME). Gorgeous body, very manly-man.
Couldn't wait to get my shirt off again, huh?
by kerplunkymunky March 03, 2004
only the BEST movie EVER to be created in the history of the world...starring a mini sean astin and some other people. Classic kid's adventure movie with just enough innuendo for us older ones...mwahahaha. AWESOME movie with the most quotable lines ever. 80s children may remember fondly, so go get it and watch it! You'll be pleasantly surprised.
Goonies never say die!
by kerplunkymunky February 13, 2004
Sexy man who has had a disproportionate number of dramatic death scenes in major movies. Hot. Gorgeous. SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING.
He's a Boro-Bean!
by kerplunkymunky March 11, 2004
A strangely gorgeous Brit with a crazy fun sense of humor and a NICE body. Formerly hung out with an old lady and solved mysteries (see Hetty Wainthropp). Merry in The Lord of the Rings movies, Geoffrey Shawcross in Hetty. Going to star in An Insomniac's Nightmare, appear in Shooting Livien, Spivs, and The Purifiers. Yay! He's so pretty...
Especially funny when paired with Billy Boyd.
They had become internal...they had to be coaxed out
by kerplunkymunky March 03, 2004
A beautiful Scottish man from Glasgow with an amazing singing voice and awesome acting skills...and beautiful green eyes...and a hott face and body..
he rocks the kilt!
He's hilarious, especially when paired with Dominic Monaghan.
Don't be hasty! *taps nose and winks*
by kerplunkymunky February 03, 2004
An amazingly talented actor/director, that sucks adorably at poetry...with the most beautiful greeny eyes EVER and the cutest face. If you haven't seen Memphis Belle, go SEE it. NOW, biotch. (and also Encino Man, the Goonies, Rudy, Lord of the Rings which he SO deserved an Oscar for in the 3rd one. And he is HOT STUFF now he lost the Sam-flab. Look for him in Fifty First Dates now (mesh wifebeater...yum...*drool...melt*)
Its our time...down here!!!!
by kerplunkymunky February 02, 2004
A hilariously cheesy extremely British mystery show about a "spunky" detective lady in her 60's that acquires Geoffrey Shawcross Dominic Monaghan as her sleuth sidekick...an incredibly cute 19 year old sidekick...who is still incredibly cute as a widdle owd hobbit...
Ran from 96 to 2000 (not sure, check on IMDB)
"I have problems talking to girls..."
"Yup! I'm an Aussie. I'm here for the cricket."
by kerplunkymunky February 03, 2004
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