A person who scrounges for money constantly, but doesn't know how to keep hold of it. A Sean usually spends inordinate amounts of time playing video games, or trading video games for other video games.

If a Sean is threatened, will defend itself by flaring its nostrils and making itself look larger to intimidate the enemy. If all else fails it will retreat home and pretend to be ill for the rest of the day.
- Look at that guy, he's been in college for 5 years just to get his EMA.
- I know, hes a total Sean.
by MagicJohnson5 January 22, 2010
a person who looks and acts like donkey kong
oh man i just played sean on the super nintendo
by Lulwtfhax April 10, 2009
A person that would like to go in the middle of the highway and strip for all of the cars out there. He would then proceed to get it on with the light poll just to entertain him self. He also likes chips and salsa.
Wow dude that guy is such a Sean lets go punch him.
by Jman123456 January 13, 2009
Having a HUGE head and highlighted hair
Shh, honey, that man can't help it. He has a Sean head, it's abnormally large and his hair has very girly highlights.
by Evan Whackjob November 22, 2010
Someone who takes black dick in and around his ass every night and is extremely bad at COD. Is also known for being homeless, also known to wear strange things.
Guy 1: Oh my god why is that guy wearing a wetsuit?
Girl 1: Oh, he's such a Sean
by Jeff123456789101112 December 06, 2010
a person in a wheelchair, who is cool and smooth with the ladies, and who is fun to be around
That Sean is so funny.
by smoothCrip March 05, 2009
a dirty red head who steals your money and likes little boys
wtf a sean just took my dollar
by deaB April 05, 2010

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