His girlfriend and mother thinks he's a gay.
I'm SEAN's mother and I know he reads my Defs.
by A day and the life of Sean September 25, 2010
a ginuine ASSHOLE
what a sean
by idie November 30, 2010
By far, the most annoying kid to walk the planet. Huge ego, even though he has no friends. Extremely competitive. Looks a lot like an elf.
Person 1: Oh good lord, who is that kid?!
Person 2: Oh, the one with the elf ears? Yeah, that's Sean. Don't go near him or he might try and race you somewhere.
by OmNoms. April 07, 2011
excess alchohol consumption, resulting in shitting of the pants.
He shit his pants at the party last weekend, he pulled a sean
by megahorse and wonderdog October 05, 2009
This is the infamous S-word. the first swear word anyone learns. it is the most versatile word in the english language, with most of its definitions not within the english language. it can be used any way you like, insert it in between any word, sentence, letter. it probably fits. the definitions below are some common usages and phrases.

1. v. to have sex
2. n. the act of having sex
3. adj. with suffix -ed. general derogatory meaning
4. a general insult
5. n. attention or care of (usually lack thereof)
6. v. to disregard, ignore (used with -it, -that)
7. v. to mess up, destroy, mangle, etc. (used with suffix -up)
8. exclaimation of emotion
9. derogatory dismissal
10. expression of confusion
11. very, extremely
12. n. a person you don't like
13. bother, agitate
14. v. to be in distress
1. i like to sean.
2. that was a good sean.
3. he is seaned.
4. sean you.
5. i don't give a sean.
6. sean that.
7. he seaned up the car really badly.
8. oh, sean!
9. sean off.
10. what the sean?
11. that was seaning amazing.
12. he's a seaner.
13. are you trying to sean with me?
14. I'm seaned.
by Jamurai Sack May 12, 2008
A person who scrounges for money constantly, but doesn't know how to keep hold of it. A Sean usually spends inordinate amounts of time playing video games, or trading video games for other video games.

If a Sean is threatened, will defend itself by flaring its nostrils and making itself look larger to intimidate the enemy. If all else fails it will retreat home and pretend to be ill for the rest of the day.
- Look at that guy, he's been in college for 5 years just to get his EMA.
- I know, hes a total Sean.
by MagicJohnson5 January 22, 2010
short midget thats easily pissed off and has a big ass head he hates to be picked on he's and he loves violence if he could he would blow peoples kneecaps in with the model 1887
dont be a sean
by njohufh March 29, 2010

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