a person in a wheelchair, who is cool and smooth with the ladies, and who is fun to be around
That Sean is so funny.
by smoothCrip March 05, 2009
a dirty red head who steals your money and likes little boys
wtf a sean just took my dollar
by deaB April 05, 2010
verb. to vie for surrogate maternal attention.
There he goes, off to Sean your mother
by jeremy427 January 30, 2009
thee greatest freaking man alive, overly obsessive with 'raiders' and loves to do yardwork!..what a great husband..
Sean thinks he cool and tourtues his cousin and her "raider" friend

Sean:Give barbie back her clothes
by Legs June 10, 2005
A boy obsessed with blondes and the color green. He acts like he's a nice guy but hooks up with girls and then leaves them.
Woah did you see that blonde hottie in the green shirt?

Dude you just pulled a Sean!
by franchescafriend December 30, 2008
sean's are known to be huge liars and like to talk themselves up. Sean's have thick necks and short stubby legs with a balding head. They try and try to pretend that they aren't really going bald but choose to shave their head. They love to act like they are the perfect man. They seem to think they have massive amounts of talent but honestly they are awful at just about all they do. They are always in really awful bands. They think they can sing but actually sound like a dieing cat on crack. they always have bad .nasty skin and try to be kool by having tattoos or peircings but dress like a riverside tweaker "going on NO sleep for 3 weeks" These mother fuckers complain about everything. In Sean's eyes no one can do right by sean. he is perfect to himself though.This person leaves huge poops in the toilet and doesn't flush yet will complain about a dirty spoon in the sink. Seans birth signs are usually CANCERS because when you are around them ,you feel like you are chemo.
girl 1: oh my FUCK! have you seen Sean lately?
girl 2: Yes, and that back hair as well as back acne it looks like a dead dog with mange.
girl 1: Yes YES! and his breath made me throw up in my mouth the other day. I hate Sean.
girl 2: I hate Sean too and he lies like a two dollar crack whore.
boy 1: Uh, girlfriends that bitch gave me the warts on my ball sack.Like uh muh ga! Then when i woke on his crusty sheets. I found that his penis was covered in sores & looked like a rotten cucumber. One word of advice "DON'T DRINK 50 CENT tequila IN BACKWOODS CRUISING BARS.
girl1: Oh my gosh! i'm totally going home and douching with bleach!
girl2: EW, you really hit that? wow! you are totally toxic bitch..
boy1: WORD
girl2: WORD
girl1: WORD
by DUMPTSER DEMON February 20, 2010
N.--A complete and total douche bag who is completely unaware of the fact that everyone hates him because he is too busy with his POS car to pay attention to anything else. May also be a bear.

V.--The act of sexually molesting a car. More specifically, a nasty car.

Adj.--Commonly used to describe any person who acts like they're the greatest thing since sliced bread, which they are not, or may also be used to describe someone who has an obsession with a pile of junk. Also can describe someone who leads a homosexual lifestyle.
1) Ewwww! Stay away from that guy, he's such a Sean. I mean, all he cares about is that POS car.

2)Check out that guy! He's Seaning! Poor car...

3)Look at that Seany guy with the rainbow t-shirt on!
by Kay Cee. April 10, 2009

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