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Violinist for pop-punk band Yellowcard. He gives a great onstage performance, with flipping, singing, and playing. He was never in a rock band before YC, but he was in the orchestra, and damn proud of it. He is also the Gigglemaster
Sean Mackin is a damn good violinist, and giggles when hyper. Yes, he giggles.
by Kiwi June 25, 2004
The best violinist in the world. He plays for the pop punk band Yellowcard and has been playing since he was six years old.
Gee, I wish I could play violin like Sean Mackin!
by Allie February 29, 2004
sexy violinist from yellowcard.

he does backflips onstage, and tho yc has pretty much sold out...i'd still penetrate every bit of sean and bathe in his manjuice anyday.
sean mackin is SEXAY!!!!
by celebrity skin January 01, 2005
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