A fat chick on the beach.
There's a seapig lying by the pier, checking out all the surfers.
by Mimi September 21, 2003
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Overweight, undesirable Woman of the Royal Australian Navy (WRAN).
(Jack 1) "Ohh yuck! Look at the sea pig's muffin top!"
(Jack 2) *screws up mouth* "Yeah that's fucked."
by goatnuts August 22, 2009
Noun: the derogatory term for any coast guard official
CG: pull the boat over!
You: Fuck you sea pig!
by BigMark006 April 24, 2007
A fat Bitch who loves to do crystal Meth.
The sea pig sucked my dick for a bump
by Gillis February 17, 2004

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