2 definitions by davethewave2

A female -type person who not only walks around with a 'camel-toe' most of the time , but is also overweight and looks like a 'pig' that could float- ergo- the 'sea pig' descriptive portion...
The female person's pants were so tight, and her wieght, so out of control, that she took on the appearance of a" camel toed sea-pig "....
by davethewave2 August 19, 2010
a slunt ( slut and a cunt) who thinks she is a lady, but is really a dirty little, viscious, coniving, deceitful little bitch underneath her superficial facade...
The party planner acted so aloof and hotintot- but she was really just a little sluntstress
by davethewave2 July 16, 2010

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