A person/thing who is exempt from your personal beliefs because of one's desire to have intercourse with them.
I don't like Misfits but Robert Sheehan is hot. He's a sexception.

Mitt Romney doesn't believe in Gay Marriage but he has beautiful silver hightlights. Sexception.
by Kelly AKA Einstein 2.0 April 04, 2013
Top Definition
Regardless of your relationship status. That one, totally hot person that you would HAVE to sleep with...if you had the chance!
Even my wife understands that Jessica Alba is one of my seXceptions!
by GWilson March 14, 2007
A situation in which you make an excpetion to have sex with someone, who under normal conditions, dosn't meet your standards of intelligence or attractiveness
Jimmy thinks that Betty is incredibly dumb and annoying, but he made a sexception because she was attractive
by R-Jbot January 03, 2011
When your having sex and then make a sexual, or sex joke
me and Devin where having the best sex but then he made a Sexception that ruined it.
by Lostpennium May 22, 2016
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