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S.D.M.= Self Destruct Mode

Usually you will be intoxicated before going into s.d.m., however sometimes you can go into s.d.m. while not under the influence. SDM usually happens when you are in a club or party and it is near the end and u have been turned down by all the decent girls... at this point you will go into SDM and go after anything with a punani, some girl you would never imagine picking up in your right mind.
Ex. 1
Dave: Yo what the hell were you thinking last night with that girl u picked up?

Dan: I donno man i think i went into S.D.M. tho.

Dave: Yeah no shit u went into S.D.M.

Ex 2.
Dan: Yo why the hell did u bring me to this dutty hoe jam?

Dave: I donno man but ive been in S.D.M. since i got here.

Dan: True
by tdotD July 22, 2011
SDM is an acro for "size does matter"
"oh yes... SDM... that's why I dumped Fred."
by Cajun September 09, 2005
Abbreviation for "She ditched me".
When a guy gets attention from a woman at a bar, and then she withdraws from him in a hurry.
This chick in a red dress just taught me how to drink scotch, and then she ditched me (SDM)!
by Hoosfoos July 28, 2011
Short Dick Man
Girl one: So, girl spill the beans about the guy you went home with
Girl two: There is nothing to spill because he suffered from SDM.
Girls one: What is that?
Girls two: Hew as a Short Dick Man!!
by deemoneyshot April 18, 2014
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