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An exclamation used when something has gone wrong. Also used to express sympathy for such a situation.
Your girlfriend left you? Scuzzle, man.
by untitled user June 22, 2005
4 15
An expression used to describe something or someone who is extremely grotesque looking.
"Eek, that dude is totally a scuzzle!"
by Alice and Amanda July 29, 2005
20 9
A cross between a Puzzle and Scavenger Hunt, as seen on deviantART.
I'm having trouble finding the pieces to this Spectrobes Scuzzle. Do you have any hints?
by ev149 September 03, 2009
9 4
Someone you've known for a while; IE, a close friend, cousin, brother/sister, ect.
I was going to the store one day and saw my friend there so when I approached him I said, "What up "Scuzzles"...
by Blaquerich December 27, 2008
1 3