An exclamation used when something has gone wrong. Also used to express sympathy for such a situation.
Your girlfriend left you? Scuzzle, man.
by untitled user June 22, 2005
Top Definition
An expression used to describe something or someone who is extremely grotesque looking.
"Eek, that dude is totally a scuzzle!"
by Alice and Amanda July 29, 2005
A cross between a Puzzle and Scavenger Hunt, as seen on deviantART.
I'm having trouble finding the pieces to this Spectrobes Scuzzle. Do you have any hints?
by ev149 September 03, 2009
Someone you've known for a while; IE, a close friend, cousin, brother/sister, ect.
I was going to the store one day and saw my friend there so when I approached him I said, "What up "Scuzzles"...
by Blaquerich December 27, 2008
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