An act of cleaning, with unreasonable amounts of effort and pain involved; a method for scrubbing a long, flat surface, while running face first, supported by your hands, holding a towel or "scruzzbrush"; a 'game'; a form of punishment typical (and feared) in Marine Corps basic training.
So we wanna play games? That's fine. SCUZZ! SCUZZ!

"Harder, faster, aye sir!"


by Pvt. Shmuckatelli March 17, 2010
A bitchy, jealous person. Someone who does drugs, is a alcoholic, and has sex with multiple people.
"Ew. That girl is competly scuzz"
by be scuzzin February 01, 2009
A suicidal Pokemon capable of popping its shoulder blades out
Man your mom looks like a scuzz
by Anonymous May 03, 2004
someone who generally shops at walmart with nasty sweatpants and a grotesque, skank, stained white t-shirt tucked in. on any given day you can go into wal-mart and see scuzz.
I went to Scuzz-Mart the other day... I saw a whole bunch of skanky scuzz people... I thought I had contracted AIDS.
by killthescuzzmart January 10, 2009
a goofy dude who plays lacrosse, karate, and spazzes out alot, and is the god of dance dance revolution
scuzz defeated all the asians at the mall through his magical ddr powers
by whoknows April 25, 2004
A nasty person who is hated by the community but is old and so cannot be moved, people just wait for the persons death.
Mr. Smith just threatened me, he's a scuzz.
by Tom Brownlee July 30, 2003
Scuzz a very very unpopular person whom follows everyone around thinking thier popular. They do coke to be cool, almost anything to fit in.
"geeze that girl named chantal~day at LDSS really is scuzzy"
"wow she does coke! what a fucking scuzzmonster"
by SliM~! November 20, 2007

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