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1. a ho-like female
2. a female who likes to mess around with lots of dudes (tho she may have her own dude) and does not feel bad about it
3. a classy, upscale ho
Nicole: did you see Alex hooking up with all those dudes last night?

Dom: yeah, she's sucha SCURR!

Dreezy's a Pro SCURR
by Dom Daniels June 17, 2007
verb: a sign of approval, a state of being, higher then everyone else. not to be confused with "swag"
"100% on a test, scurrrrr"
"Plan B, 20% off, scurrrr"
"Zip for 250, scurrrrr"
by onlyonemeech December 18, 2011
To be frightened.
I don't curr, I not scurr!
by ShinigamiDuo November 23, 2003