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A Low-Life Piece Of Trash
That guy is a scurby bastard!
by Jake Roberts August 15, 2004
small crabs that crawl all around your nether-reagons.
HENDO has scurbies and a coufander
by wang face April 17, 2003
Dirty, Scruffy, Stinky, Rough, all around just beat-looking. Also can be used for something that is questionable, such as scurby morals.
I feel ridicuolously scurby today.

That cat named phil is really scurbylicious.

Your morals are very scurby
by PhilandKatherine October 06, 2009
dirty, filthy, greasy. (chicagoese)
after working outside on a dusty, 90° day, Stan felt all scurby.
by crowamonghens October 09, 2007
A wooden penis much like a peg leg.
-"Oh no the coconut and the budunkadunk now I have a scurby"
by J-bossss August 23, 2011

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