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The utmost of excellence, the pinacle of exuberation, the creme de la creme of joyful expression.
"I was fucking my girlfriend's sister and busted a nut in her mouth. Then my girl came home, and she didn't even suspect a thing. Then I fucked her, too! Scurburder!"
by The Last Shot Caller September 22, 2007
to be the shit...the possibilities are endless...can be used in everyday life situations
"I was bonin ur mom last night doggie style..and then i flipped her around and slipped it in the poop shoot and was like Scurburder"
by Fresh March 31, 2005
"scurburder" aka fo sheezy, the ish, fownkay, and ahhhhh nigga. A word used when someting is too good to be true.
I was boning a hot milf doggy style when she found a way to spin around and lick my butthole, i was like "scurburder"!!!!!
by thick worm March 28, 2005
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