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Video music awatds
Yo did you see the vma !?
by fresh January 14, 2004
pot dried in little bags
"Yo homes i got fresh sack cheap"
by fresh December 08, 2002
Incredibly hot girl with no brains or wits.
Sam: That girl is hot as balls.
Dan: Yeah but she is a Mango Special
Sam: Damn, she is that dumb, huh.
by Fresh February 14, 2005
(pronoun) A slang term for part of the male reproductive anatomy. Literally; testicles. Often used in a derogatory sense as in "has him by the mivonks."

Coined and used in the Sci-Fi series Farscape.
"She's been leading him around by his mivonks, since she got here."
by Fresh January 10, 2005
a name for the overused female genitals i.e. a bucket.
fucking her saggy saddlebag didnt give me an immense amount of pleasure.
by Fresh May 05, 2003
Costing. The price that some type of drugs are selling for at a certain time.
Yo Nigga, what them Murdaville O's workin.

Shit Nigga - Murdaville O's bout 180 on some dro. 60 for that red hair shit.
by Fresh March 08, 2004
when i look at her ass it makes me wanna cry
by fresh September 13, 2003
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