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Irish slang, originating in the Dundalk, Louth area. Meant for a positive outlook to a person or an object. Kind of like "up the".


by fizzybitchy December 13, 2009
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A very white person, albino, or just act white in general. (named after the Scup fish, a very white fish)
Michaela: Look at Brandon he's such a scup, I can almost see through him.
Brandon: :'(
by Judy Bloom July 10, 2013
scup-to be a lying, arrogant or hypocritical jerk.
Steven is a really big scup!!
by James August 16, 2004
to be a leach; a beggar
What a scup, Mark never buys his own beer cuz he's always drinking everyone elses!!!
by V-dog January 05, 2005
The pussy of a hot chick of whom you want to hook up with
Im gunna go get me some scup.
by iva weiner February 28, 2008

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