a curly headed whistling dixie fat fuck
Worker1: How's it going on the 2nd floor?

Worker2: Oh, you know, eight hours of scumberg. (Starts imitating: with pursed lips, moves head from side to side and dances around like an idiot)

Worker1: That sucks. Ah, he's probably just warming up for his skin flute session with the bosses.
by whiskeyDick88 May 05, 2011
Top Definition
A guy, very likely to be a coworker, who you hang out with and think is your friend but is really just interested in your girlfriend.
Friend: Hey, why doesn't Brad go to lunch with you guys anymore?
You: Well, I quit hanging out with scumberg once I found out he was trying to move in on my woman.
by dukeswindlers February 25, 2010
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