Society for Cutting Up Men, made up of four members with a nickname for each letter. they have a book to record all of the men who have messed them around.
gilr 1: you see that guy over there
girl 2: yeh he's a twat, what about him?
girl 1: im gonna put him in S.C.U.M
by smellywelly1992 October 06, 2007
sperm, cum, ejaculatory samples, nut slag, male sexual excretions
Dam, I just blasted my scum all over that bitches greasy mask, and it sucks for her, but she loved it.
by Bails.One December 05, 2005
Self-Centered Urban Male.
So what kind of guy did he turn out to be? Scum?
by moi October 15, 2003
A member of the so-called "prolyterian masses" who goes around trying to act all gangsta but fails miserably. All wiggers are scum and not all chavs are scum, only chose who insistnetly choose to break the law and beat up on younger kids or OAPs; basically those who they can easily beat up and who cannot defend themselves. Trying to be ghetto by wearing hoodies and "boxfresh" is a prime example of scum as only those who are worthy can wear box fresh. Proper scum wear only fake burberry or le coq sportif or sergio tacchini clothing to be easily spotted and feared by the normal, law-abiding folk or to draw attention to real gangstas or members of the ghetto to pick a fight.
"Look at that scum over there; Orlando, wearing his burberry check."
by Ghetto Matt September 20, 2006
1) synonymous with crud; any undesirable substance that lingers in damp or dark places such as shower walls, sewers, toilets, pond bottoms and trashcans; usually organic in nature

2) an acronym for a parasitic feminazi with devious intent to use men for her own needs despite her hate for them; AKA Sexist Cunt Utilizes Men
1) Those catfish at the bottom of the river help clean the water by consuming the scum at the bottom.

2) Don't date that atrocious woman. She is a SCUM.

by Evil Hamburger October 18, 2005
1. A mouldy tennis ball
2. James Curtis (see Jimbaz)of G101 Murray house at Exeter university
"Arrr!!! he be SCUM!"
"Oh, you're talking about James."
by James Konan February 15, 2005
When someone, something, or something that someone does... just ain't right
He charged you a 5 dollars extra? Scum.
by Mortimer February 10, 2003

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