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Gross stuff. Similar to guff, but more icky and gooey.
Ewww... you've got some scudge on your shoe. Don't walk on the carpet with that on!
by Drew_0123 June 08, 2006
a grinddier way of saying "smudge" or
scratch + smudge = scudge
That blockhead scudged my shoe!
by Denn-Denn September 29, 2006
A contraction on scum and sludge. The dried food or drink that accumulates in the bottom of a bowl or cup. This is usually noticed when someone is doing dishes. In order to clean one must scrub vigorously in order to remove.
Chris: "John did you forget to rinse out your cup?"

John: "I'm not sure why?"

Chris: "There is some dried milk scudge in the bottom of this cup."
by cjbryant21 March 02, 2010
a smidgen, a trace amount.
(Measurement used in recipes.)
Add a scudge of sour cream to your macaroni and cheese to give it a zing!
by Unwyred March 04, 2005

Combination of sludge and scum.

Can also be adapted for a type of behavior or personality e.g. scudgin
Friend 1: "Nigga.....yo shit be filth! When the last time you clean was?"

Friend 2: "Pfffft....bitch..lil ol scudge never hurt noones"

Friend 1: "You goin out tonight?"
Friend 2: "Yuh, might go scudgin for some snatch"
Friend 1: ".....scudgin ass nigga...."
by Gelhast August 24, 2014