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scu·ba cat (skoo-buh kat)


1. A cat that enjoys being in water.

2. A sopping-wet pussy.

3. Term of endearment.


1. Cry of warning to persons in a swimming pool who are in danger of being struck by airborne cat.

Origin(s): late-2000s, a scuba-diving calico featured on Discovery Channel's "How Stuff Works" show.

"Chester hates getting wet! ... Yeah, he's no scuba cat."

"Miss u Scuba Cat! Sending u lotsa luv & kitty kisses! home by 8PM! xoxo" (via text)

"Heads-up! ... Scuba cat!!" (throws cat into pool)
by joepa007 May 22, 2014
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It's a cat. That scuba dives. Scuba cat. It's exactly as it says.
Oh look this is a sentence with scuba cat in it!~ yay!
by NatGenderBox February 05, 2014

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