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The "scrundle" is the patch of skin that connects the scrotum to the grundle.
"Well, ain't that a kick in the scrundle!"
by Warpt May 17, 2007
The scrundle is where the scrotum meets the grundle.
The grundle is where the gooch meets the trundle.
The trundle is where the trouble meets the bundle.
Forundle, foshundle, right straight upside your scrundle.
by worddefinersmith December 25, 2009
a small amount of weed placed on top of previously smoked weed in a bowl, bong, etc

This word can also be used to describe an extremely small amount of weed in general less than 0.1g.
Come on, put a little scrundle on top!
by dajerseyplayboy420 August 20, 2010
to fondle with round squishy objects
You're so damn cute, I JUST WANT TO SCRUNDLE YOU UP!
by doohini July 11, 2009
related to scrundle-with regard to small amount of weed or small buds
any scrundles mate?? "yeah, im on the last of it dude"!
by Grundy :-] October 28, 2010
to Scrundle (*skruhn*-dull)
Verb, transitive
To overcome in a distinctly malicious or overwhelming manner; to defeat; to destroy

Most commonly heard following the word "get" i.e. "get scrundled," particularly in a taunting tone of voice, after a victory of some kind. Hardly every heard in the present indicative.

A high school in Oakland, CA - During a poker game
The creator of the word had the following to say on his contribution to modern vocabulary:
"I didn't want to say 'get whooped' because that was overplayed and I didn't want to say 'get done' because that was Major's thing, so I just said the first thing that came in my head: 'get scrundled.'"
"Get scrundled"

"Scrundle button"

"Won't you take me to...scrundle town"
by Stand_07 October 17, 2005

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