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cross between scrumptious and pumpkin. Used to define people, pets, and other fantastically adorable creatures.
you little scrumpkin!
by angel of halifax March 26, 2011
Get head while eating a tasty morsel.
That bitch totally gave me a scrumpkin while having a slice of key lime pie.
by Luke, Mike, and Whitney March 27, 2004
The counterpart of a blumpkin. Getting a blowjob while brushing your teeth. The ideal scrumpkin is attained while leaning back at a 45 degree angle to ensure maximum oral penetration. Feel free to put your finger in her anus for mutual enjoyment. Scrumpkin.
You ain't cool unless you gettin a scrumpkin

blumpkin blowjob toothbrush titties anal stimulation
by Akro April 20, 2012
To eat pussy while she's taking a shit (like blumpkin)
She be moanin' alllllllllllll night after dat scrumpkin!
by Anonymous October 17, 2003