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A word used to describe a Hunger Tube in the web video on Cyanide & Happiness.
"Try Hunger Tube!! It's scrumpadoochous!!!"
by yoyoigotafro July 27, 2009
An exclamation used to exclaim a badass or extreme food product.
Person 1: Aaww man I hate dinner!

Person 2: What about dinner IN A TUBE?!?!

Person 1: WOAH!!

Person 2: Scrumpadoochous!!!
by Mr. JPL October 26, 2009
To define how epic an edible object is. Used in the Cyanide and Happiness comic "Hunger Tube".
People "Man I hate dinner"

Dude "What about dinner, on the goooo?!"

People "Alright! Yeah!"

Dude "Hunger Tube! It's ScrumpaDOOchous!"
by ElmosWorld123 March 09, 2011
Something extremely cool-the equivalent term of "epic"
"Oh my god I shook hands with my favorite band!"
"Dude, that's scrumpadoochous!
by Scrumpadoochous February 26, 2010
Freaking richeously awesome, the greatest word ever, may also cause thrill when saying it
Dude that girl's rack was scrumpadoochous, or the most scrumpadoochously awesome thing is penguins
by Tyler Goncz November 13, 2011
awesome; filled with joy; incredible
" today was totally scrumpadoochous "
by crackandblacks March 23, 2010