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low quality weed. usually larfy buds from the bottom branches of the marijuana plant, pre-mature buds of any kind, or shake/trimmings from higher quality buds. May sometimes be obtained for free or at very low cost.
equivalent words: scrum, scrumble, scrumalum

also used to refer to other crappy, low quality, or otherwise unfavorable conditions.
"This scrum-bum isn't getting me high and it smells like shit and makes my throat burn."

"I cut the scrumalum branches off and throw them in the compost pile early in the season"

"What are you doin'?"... "I'm scrummin' it up with the vapo, this shit's too harsh to smoke."
by the sultan of scrum - October 17, 2007

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- noun
1. an individual who is loved by another
2. a very adorable person who's cheeks you want to squeeze
3. a loving nickname to give

synonyms: darling, cutiepie, honey, lovebug, sweetie, sugar, pumpkin

- verb
1. the act of scrubbing one's bum...with an accent
I love you and miss you scrumbum!
by stoner_CHIICK June 03, 2009