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A scruggs is an awesome teenager that is considered a "cool" nerd. A Scruggs can be identified by glasses, a great attraction to books, and the inability to sag.
Pharez Scruggs
by sfc scruggs January 26, 2011
a bitchy pissed off looking hobo.
Rpattz is lookin super scrugg in that picture!
by Rpattzzzzzzzzzzzz December 13, 2008
An ingrown or knotted pubic hair located on a white dudes nut sack. It is often the result of wearing tighty whities that are too small while doing P-90X or from getting an indian burn on one's balls.
Mallory: Do you want to do P90x today?
Ryan: No I got some major scruggs going on with my coin purse. I will have to pass.
Mallory: I told you to wear your banana hammock you fucking slut.
by flotiebags January 06, 2012

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