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Scruffing is a sexual fetish and is generally practiced between two men. Scruffing is most commonly performed as a somewhat sado-masochistic forplay act and is usually coupled with fellatio. Though it first made it's appearance in the gay BDSM, leather, and bathhouse scenes it has begun growing in popularity in recent years. The act is performed by one partner stretching the scrotum of the reciever and using their chin stubble to "Scruff" the recievers scrotum. This causes a variable reaction dependant upon the disposition of the recieving partner. Prolonged scruffing can lead to discomfort and chaffing. Though this is primarily a homosexual act it can be performed man to woman though with the hightened sensitivity of the labia and clitoris it is not as common.
See definition. The scruffing procedure usually follows an up and down motion as if the performing partner is nodding yes.
by Matthew V. September 30, 2006


(campkitchen definition) - Using the remaining stuffing from the previous night's thankscamping celebration as a part of scrambled eggs for an easy quick breakfast the next day. The ingredients of the stuffing, pork sausage, apple, bread, etc., make for an excellent breakfast and can be ate in a tortilla, from a cup or bowl or plate.
Who is going to make the scruffing for breakfast?
by FirstLady November 30, 2013
The act of a male or female, though often male, furiously masterbating as if it were a matter of life and death. This act is then often repeated throughout the day. This term is also used in slang as "Scruffin".
Where is Todd? He is probably in his room scruffing.
by Scruffington March 25, 2010
During sex, when beard stuble irritates the female's skin in special areas.
Last night Kelli and I were having sex and my two day old beard lead to severe scruffing around her neck and "other" areas.
by scruffer October 18, 2008
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