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the act of sneaky investigating
That one night, when I lost my jacket in that frat, I scrowled around for days looking for it.
by stromie February 06, 2011
v. To express displeasure by simultaneously scowling and growling. Also, scrowly: adj. describing the emotional state of being crabby, therefore feeling like scrowling.
I scrowled at the batter when my team gave up the winning run. I felt scrowly all night afterwards.
by Austin S. July 12, 2005
A term used to describe an ugly, disgusting, unpleasant, teenage girl. Popular in the 80's and used mostly by kids in Jr High.
Did you see that ugly girl? Geez, what a scrowl.
by Dude5722 March 29, 2011
n. A vocal sound resembling both a scream and a growl, which may be used to express exasperation or as an effect in some genres of music.
v. To emit a scrowl.
Vitas sang Schubert's Ave Maria in his sweet choirboy voice then concluded his performance with a bizarre 10-second scrowl.
by Big Doodle August 03, 2009
v. To scroll or browse through a long web page while scowling at being completely unable to find any information relevant to why one visited it in the first place.
I scrowled through the personals on Craigslist but couldn't find anything but webcam girls and hookers.
by JustJss April 09, 2010